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Texas Pride Shines in Zadok Jewelers’ Texas Collection June 27, 2024 (0 comments)


Houston, TX--Zadok Jewelers has introduced their Texas Collection, a jewelry line celebrating Texas's rich cultural heritage. Launched in March during the Round Top Rendezvous fashion show, this collection is set to gain traction as a standout representation of Texan pride.

The Texas Collection includes 24 pieces of gold and diamond jewelry that highlight the essence of the Lone Star State. This collection offers a variety of items, such as rings, earrings, pendants, hat pins, and bracelets. Each piece incorporates motifs deeply resonant with Texans, like the state map, cowboy boots, horseshoes, and longhorns.

Zadok Cowboy boot

Per the descriptions on Zadok's website, key symbols in the collection include the diamond horseshoe, a design that echoes the state's history of horse riders and cattle ranching. The longhorn motif captures the strength and heritage of Texas's cattle ranching legacy.

The collection also features pieces with detailed maps of Texas, with diamonds to highlight Houston. Iconic Texan expressions like "Howdy" and "Yeehaw" are showcased in pendant necklaces and curb link bracelets.

Zadok Texas Howdy

Zadok Jewelers' Texas Collection is available online at their Post Oak Place store.

Check out the collection's details on their website.

[Images via Zadok Jewelers' website]

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