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Brockhaus Jewelry Opens New Location in Norman July 03, 2024 (0 comments)


Norman, OK--Brockhaus Jewelry announced the opening of their new store at 1905 24th Ave NW in the Legacy Villages.

[Image via Brockhaus Jewelry/Facebook]

The new showroom opened on June 28, 2024, and offers a range of fine jewelry and timepieces, the jeweler said in. statement.

The store showcases various jewelry designers and watch manufacturers, aiming to provide customers with a diverse selection. In addition to its inventory, Brockhaus Jewelry — founded in 1952 — offers professional services to maintain the quality of jewelry and watches.

"Since 1952, the traditions that founded Brockhaus Jewelry have continued and grown into the wonderful business we have today," the jeweler wrote on Facebook. "It would be our honor to welcome you into our new store so we can continue to take care of you for generations to come."

Learn more in this news release.

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