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Calvin’s Fine Jewelry Reflects on Its Origins and Prepares for ‘Exciting’ Changes in 2024 February 29, 2024 (0 comments)


Austin, TX--Founded in 1997 by Calvin, Calvin's Fine Jewelry began its jewelry journey on a distinctive approach by combining a jewelry store with a salon, a move that would set it up for future growth. 

[Image via CALVIN'S Fine Jewelry/Facebook]

This initiative, led by Calvin and his sister Kathy in sales, alongside stylist Jackie, leveraged Jackie's extensive clientele to establish a solid customer base.

A post on Facebook by the jeweler notes that financial challenges marked the store's early days. Still, the unique collaboration between jewelry sales and salon services attracted a steady stream of customers, adding to the store's expansion.

The team's dedication to selecting unique designers and meticulous attention to detail enabled the store to broaden its offerings, including the launch of Calvin's Collection & Wisteria, designed by Calvin and Jackie. This period of growth also saw the expansion of the store's physical space and the addition of new employees, enhancing its service and product range.

As Calvin's Fine Jewelry prepares for 2024, it hints at significant changes to further enrich the customer experience and product offerings, which it could get more specific about in the future as it urges patrons to stay tuned for updates.

Check out their announcement here

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