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Cast’s Innovative Approach to Fine Jewelry Makes Its Way to Nordstrom Stores November 23, 2023 (0 comments)


San Francisco, CA--In a move towards expanding its market reach, fine jewelry brand Cast has recently announced a groundbreaking retail collaboration. Approximately two years post its inception, the San Francisco-born company is set to introduce its distinct fine jewelry experience to select Nordstrom stores.

[Screenshot image via Cast's website]

The founders of Cast, Eric Ryan and Rachel Skelly, are no strangers to innovation, having previously been involved in ventures like Olly Vitamins, Plum Organics, Method, and Welly. Per a report in WWD, Their latest venture into fine jewelry is marked by a strategic partnership with Nordstrom, where they plan to replicate their unique style bar concept across six of the retailer's locations. This move intends to recreate the ambiance and customer experience found in Cast's stores.

In the report, Eric Ryan, Cast's CEO, highlighted the need for revitalization in the jewelry department of typical department stores, noting a stark contrast with the more dynamic beauty departments. He expressed enthusiasm for filling this gap with Cast's fresh approach.

Since its launch in 2021, Cast has aimed to redefine the fine jewelry shopping experience, traditionally perceived as exclusive and intimidating. Their approach in their San Francisco stores has created an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, where customers are greeted with a beverage and a clear pricing menu. The emphasis is on interaction with stylists rather than sales personnel, allowing customers to experiment freely with various jewelry styles in a comfortable setting.

This experiential approach is transported to Cast's 50-square-foot style bars within Nordstrom. These spaces are designed to offer the same engaging experience, with locations in Portland, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, San Jose, Tampa, and Aventura. This partnership is not just a growth opportunity for Cast but also a chance to gain insights into diverse markets and establish credibility with a broader customer base.

Ryan emphasized in the report the importance of experience in retail, especially in contrast to the convenience and price competitiveness of online shopping. He attributes Cast's recent 222% sales increase last quarter to their focus on immersive in-store experiences.

Another key to Cast's success lies in its diverse range of jewelry, which includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more, designed by a team of creative designers. This variety has not only attracted customers but also encouraged repeat purchases. Additionally, their pricing strategy is inclusive, offering items starting from $175 and many under $1,000, utilizing materials ranging from 9-karat gold and sterling silver to 14-karat gold with lab and naturally sourced diamonds.

Learn more in the entire report published in WWD.

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