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Revitalized Montclair Jewelry Store Embarks on a New Chapter with Creative Visionary Lindsay Ansley November 25, 2023 (0 comments)


Oakland, CA--A venerable jewelry store in Montclair, a familiar sight for over six decades, has recently undergone a transformative change. Previously known as Montclair Jewelers, the establishment has been rejuvenated under Lindsay Ansley, a jewelry designer from El Cerrito. Ansley, marking a new era, inaugurated Aster Jewelers with a soft opening on October 28 on Mountain Boulevard, which once housed Montclair Jewelers.

Per a report in The Oakland Side, this store, a cherished local landmark, was initially founded by the Coll family in Berkeley in 1963 before relocating to Oakland in 1970. It was a business and a family legacy passed down through generations. Ansley, keen to continue the tradition of offering services including jewelry and watch repairs, bead restringing, and engravings, has also infused her unique vision into Aster Jewelers.

Ansley, recognizing the rarity of full-service jewelers, has endeavored to maintain this traditional aspect. Additionally, Aster Jewelers diversifies its offerings by including handmade home goods, emphasizing Ansley's commitment to supporting small, women-owned businesses.

 Ansley, already contemplating a physical outlet for her jewelry brand, discovered the availability of Montclair Jewelers. The report noted that after thoughtful deliberation, she acquired the store, renaming it Aster Jewelers as a nod to the star-like reflections in gemstones and as a homage to its predecessors.

The report adds that Ansley's journey in jewelry-making began in her youth, inspired by the world of beads and colors. Her path led her from a writing career in New York to rediscovering her passion for jewelry-making. She honed her craft through apprenticeships and formal training, eventually establishing her brand, Adeline Jewelry.

Her vision for Aster Jewelers extends beyond commerce. Ansley aims to create a space that fosters community engagement and inclusivity, offering a range of products that cater to diverse preferences. Her plans include hosting community events and showcasing new jewelry collections, underscoring her love for Oakland and its residents.

Learn more in the report on The Oakland Side.

[Images via @adelinejewelry/Instagram]

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