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Jewelry Store in Los Angeles Struck by Smash-and-Grab Incident, Captured on Video November 25, 2023 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--A jewelry store became the target of a smash-and-grab robbery on November 18, 2023, leaving the establishment in disarray. The act, involving an SUV crashing into the store, was recorded on video.

[Image: video screenshot via ABC]

The Los Angeles Police Department reported to the crime scene at approximately 1:48 a.m. on a Saturday following an alert about the incident.

Footage from the store's security system reveals the moments an SUV smashed through the front of the store. The culprits then entered the store and quickly scoured the area for valuables.

The proprietor of the jewelry store, choosing to remain anonymous, commented on the minimal loot “We have to redo the floors, redo the cabinets because they were smashed for no reason. There was nothing in them,” the owner said, per a report published in ABC. “They just don’t care, so it impacts us both financially and mentally.”

The store, a staple in the community, has been operating for over 30 years.

At the time of the report, police had not identified any suspects. The store owner, however, revealed that the SUV used in the robbery was stolen and later discovered abandoned in proximity to the crime scene.

For further details and to view the video of the incident, please refer to the original source. If you have any information about the suspects involved in this incident, contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at or 212-687-0328.

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