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Charles Krypell: Insights from a $4 Million Covid-19 Season on the Road-Part III January 31, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY--This is the third of a three-part series in the words of Charles Krypell and his nephew Brian Krypell. Parts I and II covered many aspects of Trunk Show Selling in fall '20 through the Pandemic. Here Charles and Brian look forward into 2021 and share their views on achieving success.

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Looking Ahead in 2021 

2021 will definitely present the entire world with challenges across all sectors in business, not just in the jewelry industry. 

We personally feel the consumer will continue on trend with wanting quality and jewelry that they cannot purchase online or at the other jewelry store in town.  Disposable jewelry is a thing of the past as consumers continue to increase their spending and want to invest in diamonds, color diamonds, and rare offerings. But we will need to continue to give them reasons to buy.

We always maintain that we need to run this race with blinders and focus in our lane of what we are able to do so well.  That is even more reason to collate your retail client list to the best-of-the-best and not try to be everything to everybody. 

We plan to target only three to five new retailers this year in terms of new account openings.  If we are fortunate to start up relationships with even two-three new retailers this year, we will never lose focus on our existing store customers. Rather we will slowly evolve and grow with them so as to remain important and innovative with our offerings throughout.

Even though it probably represents a fraction of the market share out there, it is enough to allow us to continually innovate as well as spend valuable dollars on research and development, whether through our newest designs or the company’s operations and marketing efforts.

What's New is Key

Many have said and will continue to say, “Charles, we love your company and design heritage, but what do you have new this year?” Thus, we continually make new samples, new designs, and try to always reinvent ourselves with the notion of evolution in jewelry design, not a complete revolution. 

This is so those past customers can relate to our designs of the present and feel comfortable to come in and build upon their legacy for a generational lifetime of wear for the future. 

So, for Spring 2021, we are unveiling a new gold and diamond ceramic collection that is unlike anything ever offered before – price point conscious, but fashion and quality to the max.  Charles utilized his sculpture background to form dimensional gold and diamond jewelry, while incorporating incredible ceramic that we are hand carving from stone, and then forming into various design styles. 

This is how we tune out the noise of what is going on and try to always think about our retailers and ultimately the end user, their consumers.  We always need fresh and new designs in the showcases no matter if there is a recession, depression, pandemic, growth, market boom, economy up, etc. We focus and continue to do what we know best.

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