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NEW PRODUCT GALLERY: Italian Brands Chimento and Baraká to Present New Designs May 23, 2024 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV--Two Italian brands, Chimento and Baraká, announced they will bring out an assortment of new and classic designs in multiple collections..

All images courtesy of Chimento and Baraká. Chimento Xtend bracelets shown above/left. 

Chimento, according to a company release, "is a classic and well-known Italian brand that adheres to the high standards of the Vicenza gold jewelry industry where it is located and Made-In-Italy quality. It considers itself a boutique company that is setting a new chapter for itself and the overall jewelry landscape by modernizing its classic approach to fine jewelry through creativity and technical innovation."

Chimento will be showing new designs in the following lines in Las Vegas, accroding to the release:

Armillas Glow allows gold to play with light. The collection is tailored for younger customers, providing a radiant essence at an accessible price.

"X-Tend is a line with the pioneering concept of Chimento’s expandable mesh links that stretches and adapts to the shape of the person.

"X-Tend Chocolate uses that same mesh technology and adds touches of colored gems to appear like candy.

"Brio, part of the Forever family, features a playful design where diamond drops are scattered across the golden surfaces of each piece through the use of its patented size-fit ™ technology.

Link Sensi uses the classic chain in new contemporary ways that combines lightness and volume.

"Armillas Aqua is inspired by the always changing shape of water and its flowing movements. Each rounded gold shape is an artistic interpretation of a drop of water. The finishing touch is diamond accents that sparkle like droplets.

"Bamboo Over is one of Chimento’s most celebrated and iconic lines with an elegant interpretation of bamboo poles with gold modules enriched by a line of rhythmically repeated diamonds.

"and Stretch Spring features clean lines and polished volumes that produce ornate and contemporary designs."

Baraká Diamonds Collection shown above.

The company release went on to say "Baraká, founded in 1975, specializes in men’s jewelry producing more than a dozen collections in 18k gold and embellished with diamonds and other innovative materials, such as ceramic, carbon fiber and 316L steel. The collections include:

"Ritmika e Kardano, dedicated to men who want to wear jewelry with a distinctive character. Gold, the central jewelry-making metal in Vicenza, is used with mechanical engineering to produce elegant, urbane pieces.

"The Diamonds collection features black diamonds in a variety of rings, bracelets and cross pendants. The diamonds are set parallel tracks and combined with 18k rose gold to create edgy, bold but still elegant designs.

"The Casino collection is inspired by the Ridotto casino in Venice. It consists of limited handmade pieces in designs that reflect the elements in a casino. It combines complex workmanship and exceptional materials, such as gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

"The Privé collection is Barakà’s high jewelry line, using colorless diamonds and 18k gold with an emphasis on expert assembly methods, construction quality and attention to detail.

"The Carbon Fiber collection uses the black and light high-tech materials in innovative ways to create a collection that is contemporary and urban. It uses 316L steel, in its natural shades or worked with PVD treatments of different colors and enriched with precious stones such as black and white diamonds.

"The 316L collection is inspired by the architecture of the iconic Chrysler Building in Manhattan, specifically its spire. The same 316L material is used in this collection. More than 100 steel cables are intertwined within each other for each individual jewel. The durable steel and steel cables are combined with precious metals, such as diamonds, to create captivating contrasts."

The companies said they will be exhibiting at JCK Luxury in Las Vegas at booth 1012 under the representation of the IFE Lux Group.

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