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MISSION: SALES Hot Sellers Smiling Rocks Corrections May 23, 2024 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV--In the MAY-JUNE Las Vegas Preview issue of MISSION: SALES Magazine on page 64, the two Hot Sellers new product items for Smiling Rocks had their descriptions inadvertently switched. 

The PEAR STACKED BRIDAL RING, MSRP $4,499 should have been on the bottom left of the page and the SWIRL MARQUISE RING, MSRP $3,825, should have been on the top left of the page. The two corrected items can be seen below.

The Swirl Marquise Ring SRR04141WHT_WYG (pictured left) – a modern engagement ring studded with a 2-carat marquise lab grown diamond set in 14k yellow gold. MSRP $3,825.

Pear Stacked Bridal Ring SRR04032WHT_YG (pictured above) – This ring is centered with a 2-carat pear lab grown diamond and crafted in 14k gold. It is a statement ring for jewelry lovers. MSRP $4,499

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