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Connecting With Customers in a Post COVID World May 27, 2022 (0 comments)

Customer in shop

Irvine, California--The last two years have changed the way businesses operate. With traditional business norms making way for new ones, there's plenty of room for innovation. Businesses have also been quick to adapt to market changes and are eagerly implementing strategies that can help them stay afloat in a competitive landscape.

[Image source: Pixabay Commons]

At the heart of it is the customer. And for retail businesses, much of their presence depends on their interaction with their in-store visitors. And this stands true for jewelry retail businesses as well.

With stores reopened, an important question is how can we find more meaningful ways to connect with customers — are there new dynamics at play, things we should be aware of?

An Entrepreneur article talks about some key points that define post-Covid customer interaction:

Embracing new physical boundaries is crucial as it makes the customer feel safe. Even asking something simple like if the person would be okay with a handshake could help establish this boundary. Businesses need to understand that the customers' in-store expectations in a post-COVID world be different. 

In the same way, going digital unlocks new possibilities for a business — in sales, support, and marketing. It's also vital that a customer's online and offline experience is consistent. Buy-online-pick-up-0in-store functionalities are also great additions to retail businesses.  

Read the article for more on what makes the above points essential and how businesses can shape their purpose.

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