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David Craig Jewelers to Close Due to Retirement November 07, 2023 (1 comment)


Langhorne, PA--David Craig Jewelers is closing after 43 years of serving the Bucks County community. Owner David Rotenberg, one of the nation’s foremost experts in jewelry appraisal, is retiring.

Before closing for the store the store will hold a liquidation sale with up to 70% off its entire inventory.

Rotenberg began working in a jewelry store as a young man. There, his interest in the jewelry business grew and he opened his own store in 1980. At that time, appraisal education was at the forefront of the jewelry industry conversation. He took every opportunity he could to learn about the art of appraisal, and it soon became his niche.

Rotenberg would become one of only a few jewelers in the country to receive the triple Certified Appraiser of Personal Property (CAPP) in gemstone, contemporary and antique jewelry title from the International Society of Appraisers and the Emeritus Certified Gemologist title from the American Gem Society. Over the years, he has been called upon as an expert in government projects, courtroom cases and insurance matters involving jewelry appraisal. He served as the president of the Jewelers Education Foundation and served on the AGS board of directors.

In addition to Rotenberg’s expertise, David Craig Jewelers was known for its custom designs, and for offering fine jewelry at reasonable prices. Rotenberg has a strong connection with his customers and recalled being invited to many weddings over the years and sharing in countless special moments. His deep involvement in the community included charitable giving and working with therapy dogs at Saint Mary Hospital.

“There are no replacements for quality or integrity,” Rotenberg said. “I live my life by that, and I have run the store by that idea as well. We’ve done our best over the years to take care of our community, and their support has allowed us to do the work we love.”

Rotenberg plans on continuing to work in appraisals and to volunteer in the community after retirement.

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing David and his wife, Debbie, since the mid 80s. He helped my husband and I purchase an anniversary ring, mother’s ring and so much more. He has always been so knowledgeable and personable to me with each and every purchase even though it may not have been a very expensive one, it was a sentimental one to us. He will be missed in the community. Best of luck to him in his retirement.

By Roxanne Temple on Feb 26th, 2024 at 5:04pm

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