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Romm Diamonds to Close After 123 Years November 07, 2023 (0 comments)


Brockton, MA--Romm Diamonds is closing after 123 years of business. Alex and Gladys Romm Rysman are retiring with a storewide sale of up to 70% off.

Romm Diamonds has a long, fascinating history. At just 14 years old, Alexander Romm traveled from Russia to Boston with ten cents in his pocket. After working to save money in Boston, he took the train and went as far as he could afford, to Brockton. In 1900, he started a business on close to the railroad station, where there was plenty of foot traffic. There, he originally ran a store in the European style, offering musical instruments and other goods alongside fine jewelry.

The store was passed down to Alexander’s children. His daughter Sophia married Abraham Rysman, who joined the store and ran it alongside Alexander’s son, George Romm. Eventually the third generation, Alexander Romm Rysman, would continue the Romm legacy to the present day.

“Without our customers, we don’t have a company,” Alex said. “They are the number one support. We’ve survived over a century because we’ve taken care of our customers and our customers have taken care of us. There are generations of loyalty on both sides of the equation.”

Gladys recalled one special interaction with a customer. “A young fellow was shopping for an engagement. I gave him the ring and he didn’t want the bag, just the simple box. I asked him, ‘where are you going to put it?’ and he said, ‘right here, in my shirt pocket, closest to my heart.’ I think the purchases our customers make are always closest to their heart. That makes this a beautiful business to be in.”

Alex and Gladys have been very active in the Brockton community over the years. Alex was supports the public library and served as the director of the Brockton chamber of commerce. The couple also contributed ample support to local arts initiatives. They plan on further exploring their interest in the arts and music after their retirement, traveling and spending more time with family.

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