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David Norman Named President of Barton Clay Fine Jewelers October 28, 2020 (0 comments)


Birmingham, AL—Industry veteran David Norman is the new president of Barton Clay Fine Jewelers, a family-owned guild store in Alabama. Norman, whose 45-year industry pedigree includes both high-end independent and chain jewelry stores, took over effective October 2.  

Norman will focus on finding and representing fine diamond and jewelry brands from major US-based manufacturers.

“We’re thrilled that David Norman has agreed to join Barton Clay as president,” CEO Eric C. McClain said in a statement. “We originally brought him in as a consultant and found his advice invaluable. His varied experience in the jewelry industry—from merchandising to marketing to e-commerce—will be instrumental in guiding our firm into the future.”

Norman began his career at Fox’s Jewelers, a 44-store chain. He worked his way up through the ranks, becoming vice president of merchandising and marketing, a role he later reprised at the Reeds Jewelers chain. He also served as president of Schwarzchild Jewelers, a prominent independent store in Richmond, VA, and helped establish a Hispanic-oriented division at Crescent Jewelers, and gained experience at two online jewelry companies. 

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