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David Yurman Boosts Customer Experience with Tulip’s Clienteling Solution June 29, 2023 (0 comments)


Toronto, Canada--Tulip announced in a news release that David Yurman has embraced Tulip's Clienteling solution, intensifying customer engagement.

According to the release, David Yurman values nurturing robust customer relationships. Acknowledging the deeply personal nature of purchasing jewelry, the brand has been working with Tulip since 2018, exploiting its functionality to meet its distinctive needs.

"Our dedication to delivering an exceptional luxury experience drives us to seek solutions that meet our highest standards," said Christian Fortucci, chief technology officer at David Yurman, per the release. "Over the past five years, Tulip has enabled us to exceed expectations by revolutionizing the way we engage with our customers. Their user-friendly platform seamlessly integrated into our business, which enabled us to deliver tailored experiences from day one."

The release noted that Tulip's Clienteling solution provides brand ambassadors with the critical tools to foster more customer relationships. Ambassadors can personalize client interactions and provide tailored recommendations thanks to easy access to comprehensive customer data, including messaging, activities, purchases, appointments, attributes, and wishlists.

The release noted that David Yurman can streamline operations and enhance customer interaction priority with Tulip's Clienteling solution eliminating operational complexities and leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce. This includes executing targeted marketing campaigns, offering exclusive products to VIP clients, and scheduling appointments per customer convenience.

"We are honored to collaborate with one of the most coveted luxury jewelry brands worldwide," said Ali Asaria, CEO of Tulip, as per the release. "We are excited for our Clienteling solution to empower David Yurman to elevate their customer engagement practices, ensuring an exceptional luxury experience for customers across the globe."

Learn more in the entire news release.

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