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David Yurman Files Suit Against Royal Chain Over Alleged Jewelry Infringement September 27, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--David Yurman has formally filed a complaint against Royal Chain Inc., alleging copyright and trademark infringement. 

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This case was at the U.S. District Court for Southern New York. Yurman asserts that Royal Chain is systematically imitating several of its distinctive jewelry pieces, which significantly impacts Yurman's market standing and copyright protections.

According to a report published by The Fashion Law, Yurman has spotlighted its rights over several iconic jewelry designs, emphasizing that federal and common law rights protect many. 

The company cites infringement on several trade dresses like the Cable Classic, Helena Neck, and Renaissance, amongst others. One central contention revolves around Yurman's Cable Classics Collection, where the designs have been strongly linked to the Yurman brand and is considered a protected trade dress.

The New York-based jewelry company states that registered copyrights cover several of its designs. Yurman's Twisted Cable Bracelet design also has a registered trademark, believed to be infringed upon by Royal Chain.

While no dilution claims are directly presented, Yurman does underline the recognized fame of some of its designs. The brand has been synonymous with signature pieces like the cable bracelet since 1983, with renowned media houses acknowledging the iconic nature of these designs.

The report noted that in responding to the allegations, a Royal Chain representative mentioned their ongoing review of the complaint, remarking on Yurman's litigation history and reaffirming Royal Chain's long-standing integrity in the jewelry industry.

Learn more in the entire report published by The Fashion Law.

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