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Dazzling Sapphires and Their Charm Make For September’s Gem at Jack Lewis Jewelers September 13, 2023 (0 comments)


Bloomington, IL--September heralds the prominence of the sapphire, renowned for its captivating hues and symbolic richness. 

[Image via Jack Lewis Jewelers]

Its aura resonates with tales of loyalty, wisdom, and celestial wonder. Hailing as a regal addition to jewelry collections, sapphires are ideal for gifting or personal adornment.

According to a Jack Lewis Jewelers blog post, the store showcases an exclusive array of sapphire jewelry:

Bracelets: LAGOS offers a 6mm Caviar silver, gold, and blue sapphire bracelet. Alternatively, the Gabriel Bujukan Split Cuff is beaded and culminates with two sapphires.

Pendants: Gabriel NY's pendants, infused with sapphires.

Rings: Sapphire grace rings from minimalistic to diamond-twisted designs.

Earrings: The pairing of sapphire with yellow gold promises a captivating contrast,.Sapphire & Diamond Yellow Gold Huggies: $599

Permanent Bracelets: Elevate wrists with permanent jewelry adorned with sapphire charms.

For those seeking bespoke jewelry, Jack Lewis Jewelers specializes in crafting custom sapphire pieces.

The blog post noted that while sapphires are predominantly recognized by their iconic blue, they span a spectrum of colors. 

Their resilience, ranking a nine on the Mohs scale, and diamonds at 10 make them a preferred choice for daily wear, even as engagement rings. Beyond blue, sapphires shimmer in pink, yellow, and other hues, a testament to their unique allure.

Learn more in the entire Jack Lewis Jewelers blog post.

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