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Lindell’s Expert Jewelry Appraisal Open For Personalized Evaluation Appointments September 13, 2023 (0 comments)


Brentwood, TN--Lindell Jewelers now offers a jewelry appraisal service that caters to diverse requirements. 

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Spearheaded by a graduate gemologist and certified appraiser, the primary services encompass assessments for insurance replacement, estate valuations, and gemstone identification and validation.

According to a Lindell Jewelers post, booking an appointment for this service is straightforward. 

Patrons can deposit their jewelry in advance or remain present during the evaluation process. 

For those choosing to wait, each item will require a 20-30 minute timeframe for a thorough assessment, including capturing essential measurements and photographs.

The report noted that the pricing structure for the appraisal services is transparent and reasonable. 

The first item is priced at $120.00, with subsequent items appraised at $110.00 each. This package includes a detailed description emphasizing the item's style, weight, quality, precise stone measurements, and pictures. 

For diamonds that exceed 1 carat, there's an additional service available – a plotting diagram, priced at an extra $30.00.

The report added that every customer can expect to receive their written appraisal within a week of their appointment. 

Lindell offers a physical hard copy and a digital PDF version of the assessment to cater to individual preferences.

Learn more in the entire Lindell Jewelers report.

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