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Sofia Richie Grainge: The New Face of David Yurman’s Sculpted Cable Collection September 13, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY-- Achieving the status of a luxury brand ambassador is often a testament to one's growing significance in realms like Hollywood, social media, sports, or music. 

[Image via Town & Country]

For Sofia, this new role is yet another feather in her cap, a recognition of her soaring fame and influence in the digital age.

According to a Town & Country post, this collaboration didn't just come out of nowhere; it was a marriage of shared aesthetics and ethos. 

Grainge’s quick ascend to the top echelons of the A-list scene was highlighted by her impeccable style choices, most notably her Chanel couture outfits for her spring wedding to Elliot Grainge at the Hôtel du Cap. 

Almost instantly, she personified understated elegance, much like the core principle of David Yurman – representing the pinnacle of American understated luxury.

The blog post noted that founded over four decades ago, long before "stealth wealth" became a buzzword, David Yurman's jewelry stands out for its artisanal quality. 

The distinctive cable design, described by David as "the river that runs through all of our designs," has been their hallmark for almost the entirety of their existence. 

This unique design was inspired around 1980 when David explored the fusion of sculpture and jewelry. His son Evan, who now leads the brand, recalls the challenges of twisting rows of wires together, a technique now taken for granted. 

It wasn’t an immediate success, but David persisted, seeing the potential. The emphasis on this design was a distinctive element of David Yurman's creations.

Fast forward to today, and the newest addition to the Sculpted Cable collection showcases Evan’s fresh take. He has envisioned a series of bangles that encapsulate the motif's essence.

“It's the purest form of sculpted cable, which for me is the most modern iteration that we have done," said Evan, per the blog post. "I'm personally a minimalist and I really believe that some of the most difficult things to do are the most simple."

Learn more in the entire Town & Country blog post.

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