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Devastating Burglary Threatens Closure of Lake Stevens Jewelers July 12, 2023 (3 comments)


Lake Stevens, WA--Bogdan Dabrowski returned from a weekend camping excursion to discover his store devastated by a break-in.

[Image via Kiro 7]

According to a KIRO 7 report, with extensive damages, Dabrowski has indicated that the store, Lake Stevens Jewelers, might need to permanently close. The burglars reportedly made off with more than $250,000 worth of precious gems and metals.

Dabrowski said in the report that the break-in took place on Sunday night, with the thieves methodically emptying the safes and even cutting through two inches of metal to access the valuables. Entry was gained through a side window.

“I cannot come back here. I cannot be here by myself more than two minutes. I have to leave. My life, my work,” said the owner, per the report.

During his return journey from camping, Dabrowski didn't learn about the crime until Monday morning when his phone service resumed. He takes this trip annually.

"They cut the main wiring for the other businesses,” said Dabrowski in the report. “There was almost no power in the whole building. They were probably chasing me for weeks.”

Lake Stevens Jewelers, owned by Dabrowski since 2005, followed the nightly routine of emptying display cases and securing valuables in safes - a routine that the burglars exploited.

"There was some nice earrings with like two carats of weight,” stated the owner. “Probably like $12,000. There was some nice pendants, there was some necklace with sapphires and tanzanites. That was at least $10,000-$12,000."

The report noted that Dabrowski suspects that the thieves used a diamond-tipped saw to cut through the safes' thick metal and managed to disable the alarm system, wiping out security footage in the process.

While awaiting a response from the Lake Stevens police, Dabrowski plans to inspect local pawn shops for his pieces. A community member has set up a GoFundMe to help Dabrowski replace some of his tools to continue a small-scale operation at home possibly.

Learn more in the entire KIRO 7 report.

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Comments (3):

I am truly sorry for your loss. I know the feeling having had two break ins. Please people invest the money on security that recognizes power outages. Invest in cell back up. Video to the cloud. Battery back up for video. Security is priceless.

By Mark Guerin on Jul 13th, 2023 at 11:57pm

My question is this:  was the owner insured?  We have had insurance through JMI for over 25 years and although it’s not cheap it is very worth the peace of mind.  Also, what kind of burglary system is in place where the thieves had the leisure to cut through that safe and steal all that jewelry?  Did he notify the local police, or anyone, to watch the store while he was out of town?  I don’t ask to judge, but it’s a scary thought for all jewelers and as soon as power is off in the building there should be extra security put in place.  I wish Mr. Dabrowski the best as he recovers emotionally from this trauma.  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

By Tracy R Wilke on Jul 15th, 2023 at 5:25pm

I am so sorry to read this. I too have been scared in my showroom since we were scammed out of $32,000 and they didn’t even come into my showroom to do it, but they know exactly where I am.  We all work very hard for many years to establish ourselves, and some crook just walks in, bashes your cabinets and leaves with your goods in five minutes, while you risk your life during all of it. I am so sorry. Life is short and I wish you a good outcome on all of this, but it appears this is the news we hear today more and more.  Again, I am so sorry.

By Barbara Parker on Jul 17th, 2023 at 3:38pm

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