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Dialog Announces Price Hold for Balance of 2021 for its Diamond Inventory Subscription Service October 18, 2021 (0 comments)


Vancouver, BC--Dialog  Solutions, Inc., the industry's first diamond inventory subscription service for retailers, has announced that it will be holding its prices for the balance of 2021 for existing deployed diamonds despite multiple, significant diamond industry price increases this year. The announcement came via the below communication to its customers:

Dialog Price Hold Announcement

"This weekend, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. Unlike last year, where families ate in solitude, we were able to sit at our Thanksgiving tables with our family and loved ones. As we reflected upon the last 18 months, we are overwhelmed with incredible gratitude on the meaning of family and the importance of giving thanks.

"In honour of Thanksgiving, we thought a lot about this at Dialog. How can we show our appreciation to the customers who took a chance on us and believed early in our vision? We want to forge a new road and not continue the norms of our industry where every last dollar of margin is fought for. We landed on this. We will not be increasing our pricing on the existing deployed diamonds through 2021 even though the industry has seen multiple, significant increases in diamond pricing. This means for all of our customers who took diamonds on Dialog this year, we want you to benefit from the increase and have diamonds in your showcases that are more competitive than market.

"As we continue to reflect, we give thanks. To our Dialog team, all of which have worked tirelessly to support this new initiative. To our family and friends, who have supported us as we went against the norm to launch Dialog. And most importantly we give thanks to our customers, who believe in us. We wish you all a prosperous Holiday Season."--The Dialog Team

About Dialog--According to the company, Dialog is the world’s first diamond subscription service™, whose mission is to acquire beautiful diamonds and make them available to the best jewelers in the world. We are proud to own our diamonds, the company says.

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