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Dialog Hosts Retailer-Vendor Panel Event at Centurion January 22, 2022 (0 comments)


Phoenix, AZ--Dialog Solutions Inc. (“Dialog”), the world’s first diamond subscription service, has announced it will be hosting a panel discussion at the upcoming Centurion Show in Phoenix, Arizona on January 30, according to a company release. 

The panel discussion, entitled “Kicking off 2022: Reflections on 2021 and Leadership in the Diamond Industry”, will tackle questions regarding lessons learned during Covid, the changing retail and supply chain landscape in a post covid environment, and industry changes they would like to see moving forward.

“We are so delighted that these industry leaders will be joining us”, said Itay Ariel, co-founder of Dialog.  “They each bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, different and unique perspectives and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Panelists will include:

  1. Brittney Zimmer, Diamond Buyer for Reed’s Jewellers. Founded in 1946 with one store, Reed Jewelers has become one of the largest family-owned jewellery chains in the United States with 61 stores in 13 states.
  2. Lucian Lee, Owner of Hale’s Jewelers in Greenville, South Carolina.  Hale’s Jewelers has a legacy of over 150 years and under Lucian’s leadership, is recognised as one of the most renowned jewelry stores in the United States.
  3. Josh Kaufman, CEO of Martin Flyer. Founded in 1945, Martin Flyer is now run by its third generation, CEO Josh Kaufman and is recognized as one of the leading bridal designers in the US.
  4. Aaron Ariel, Co-founder of Dialog.  As the world’s first diamond subscription service, Dialog has changed the landscape of diamond inventory merchandising.  In a little over one year since launching, Dialog has grown 5x in user base. 

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