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Diamond Jewelry Sales +30% Over ‘19 and 3X ‘20 in March, April & May ‘21 June 21, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Diamond jewelry sales are booming, according to the Natural Diamond Council (NDC).

Sales data for the category recently obtained by the organization reveal that diamond jewelry sales emerging from the pandemic (March, April, May 2021) show record-breaking growth in the United States. Diamond jewelry sales from this period have increased 30% as compared to 2019 and almost three times 2020 numbers, based upon industry analysis. (Images courtest of NDC).

NDC Offers Rationale

In offering rationale for the strong diamond jewelry sales trend, NDC also noted that diamond jewelry sales increased throughout 2020 as consumers were apt to purchase items that carry value and meaning during the pandemic. This trend has persisted in full force as the pandemic lifts and people spring back into life's celebrations and pleasures. Consumers are keen to make new memories with family and friends after a solitary and difficult year. Natural diamonds are synonymous with marking special life moments.

A challenging year solidified many relationships, proving an uptick in engagements throughout 2020 and into 2021. The US market is currently experiencing a weddings boom as larger gatherings are reinstated throughout the country. A natural diamond engagement ring is often a gateway to additional diamond purchases for the self or others leading up to the wedding.

Consumers are excited to get dressed again and share outfits on social media channels as they indulge in activities outside of the home again. This has fostered a sense of eagerness for dressing up, travel, and experiences. Diamonds are the perfect complement to carving out individual style especially after a year where many new diamond consumers emerged, said NDC.

"American consumers are exhibiting a voracious appetite for diamond jewelry. Consumer purchases this year are at record levels, up some 30% compared to 2019," said Edahn Golan, Diamond Research & Data. "These purchases are also a far more significant share of consumer expenditure. This is testimony of our ingrained need to celebrate life."

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