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Digital Marketplace Gembridge Opens Doors to Traders With New Cross-Platform Reseller Program August 02, 2022 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Gembridge, a digital marketplace for gemstones and jewelry, is launching a reseller program to give trade members full access to its catalog to sell Gembridge's listings on their online platforms.

[Image source: Gembridge/Facebook]

According to a report, members who join this reseller program will benefit from Gembridge's support network, including a network of industry pioneers in key markets, logistics, and dropshipping, as well as trusted payment processes, backed with a 72-hour return policy.

“Our catalog features all major varieties of gem-quality colored gemstones that are in demand and good value,” said Jean Jureidini, the Gembridge Commercial Director, in the news report. “As a verified Gembridge Reseller, trade members get instant access to a global supply of gem-quality stones cataloged by experts, maintaining their own branding and customers, and backed by Gembridge’s support services and logistics.”

Interested retailers can use Gemstone's API to showcase listings and their videos and images. The API is accessible for online marketplace platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, Magento, and others.

The listings, notes the report, will be monitored in real-time, notifying retailers of original catalog changes.

Read the original report.

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