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Edge Academy’s Smith Reports Independent Jewelers at 93% of Sales vs 2019 June 22, 2020 (0 comments)


Omaha, NE--Sherry Smith, Director of Business Development at The Edge Retail Academy reported a strong positive sales trend for independent jewelers since reopening after the pandemic. 

In a post on LinkedIn over the weekend, Smith provided a chart (below) showing 21 days of sales activity versus the same period in 2019 for Edge members (mainly independent jewelers) since May 21, 2020, about the time stores were reopening across much of the United States. 

Smith's post stated: "The last 21 days shows our independent jewelry retailers operating at 93% of sales when compared to the same period last year. We got this! " In a response to one comment to her post asking about the source of the data, Smith explained "We aggregate approximately $2 billion in annual jewelry sales from independent jewelry retailers and are the single largest aggregator of the independent channel in the US." 

Source: The Edge Academy

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