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Eight Armed Persons Execute Daylight Robbery at Oakland Jewelry Store April 16, 2024 (0 comments)


Oakland, CA--In a daylight robbery, eight armed individuals targeted a longstanding family business, resulting in substantial losses. The incident, captured on surveillance, showed the rapid invasion by the suspects at Phuong Jewelry, who smashed display cases and wielded guns.

[Screengrab via Western Mass News' report]

The store's co-owner, Tony Trinh, recounted the speed of the attack and the subsequent chaos, per a report in Western Mass News. His 69-year-old mother, Diana, and other individuals present were filmed attempting to evade the assailants. Trinh's 76-year-old father intervened with a firearm, which led to the suspects fleeing the scene, the report noted.

This incident has profoundly affected the Trinh family, particularly after their recent decision to forego business insurance due to escalating premiums. "Her entire life work and savings gone in a few minutes," Trinh said, per the report.

In response to increasing crime rates in the area, Trinh serves as the executive director of the Oakland Chinatown Improvement Council, which has initiated a GoFundMe to mitigate the losses. The Oakland Police Department is actively investigating the robbery.

The future of Phuong Jewelry is uncertain, with the family considering whether to continue operations in the current environment.

Learn more in this report in Western Mass News.

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