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Enter The 10th Anniversary Centurion Emerging Designer Competition! August 01, 2017 (2 comments)


Merrick, NY—The 10th anniversary edition of the Centurion Emerging Designer Competition is open and calling for entries.

For the last decade, the Centurion Emerging Designer competition has served as a launching pad for nearly 40 designers to introduce their lines to America’s most elite prestige jewelers. The competition attracts designers from around the world, who submit images of their work in the hopes of winning one of the coveted free booth spaces at the Centurion Scottsdale show and a chance to meet and network with leading upscale jewelers.

“The Centurion Emerging Design Competition is an excellent opportunity for up-and-coming and international designers to break into the U.S. luxury fine jewelry market, by getting their line in front of the most premiere audience of carefully selected prestige jewelers,” says Howard Hauben, president of Centurion. “For retail jewelers, the Centurion Emerging Design winners offer an opportunity to discover new talent.” Centurion launched the Emerging Designer competition 10 years ago with the intent to give back to the industry by helping small designers who are new to the tradeshow scene to benefit from a launchpad, he added.

Stuller, based in Lafayette, LA, has been the premier sponsor of the event since 2011. “We are honored to have the opportunity to sponsor the Emerging Designer Competition,” says Stuller’s executive director of marketing and public relations, Ashley Brown. "Every year in jewelry design there are new trends, techniques, and materials, so it’s more important than ever to discover new talent.  Showcasing Emerging Designers at Centurion is a great way for new designers to gain entrée into our finicky, wonderful industry, and Stuller is proud to help."

Alison Nagasue, one of the 2017 Emerging Designer winners, said, “As a former winner of the Emerging Designer competition, I was deeply excited and appreciative of my experience and participation at the Centurion Show in Scottsdale. The opportunities for a new brand are endless, as I am continuing to get benefits from the status as an exhibitor. My main objective was to build credibility and that was a goal easily met. Receiving exposure and connecting with some of the top retailers to gain feedback was a memorable experience and visits from the press and bloggers were a highlight rounding out the full experience at Centurion, not to mention the classy venue. I can say for me this is the gift that keeps giving.”

Earrings and bracelet in 18k and diamonds by Alison Nagasue, a 2017 winner.

Doryn Wallach, one of the 2016 winners, added, “Debuting my collection at Centurion in my first six months of business was an unbelievable honor. Centurion did a wonderful job honoring the Emerging Designers and putting us in a prime position that brought attention to our cases. I had the opportunity to engage with and receive tremendous professional guidance from some of the most well respected people in the industry. I made many contacts with retailers that recognized me at later trade shows. 

Above, a necklace from Doryn Wallach (2016). Below, right to left, sapphire, tsavorite and diamond Ivy two-piece earring from Italian/Australian designer Alessio Boschi (2013), and geodesic 18k gold, diamond, and pearl earrings from UK designer Tom Rucker (2015).


The 10th anniversary edition, which will award three free booths at the Centurion Scottsdale 2018 Show (January 27-31, 2018), is seeking entries from designers around the world who have never exhibited in a U.S. fine jewelry trade show. Deadline to enter is September 15, 2017.  

The competition is open to all designers, regardless of experience, formal training or background in jewelry design, so long as they meet the following criteria: 1) they have never exhibited in a U.S. fine jewelry trade show; 2) they have the ability to exhibit at a trade fair; and 3) they have the ability to supply high-end retailers with goods, should they want to purchase the line. Designers who have entered but not won the competition previously are eligible to enter again.

Three lucky winners--to be voted on by a special panel of judges and Centurion's Retail Board of Advisors--will receive complimentary exhibit space and a tower showcase at Centurion Scottsdale 2018, to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, from January 27-31, 2018. (Dates include arrival and departure).

Winners will have the opportunity to exhibit their line throughout the Show, participate in all Show events and activities, and continue to the Tucson gem shows afterward if they wish.

Remember, the entry deadline is September 15, 2017!!

For full rules and to participate, click on the PDF link below. The form must be completed and emailed along with three high-resolution images and descriptions (the images may be sent in several emails if more than 3 mb each). 

Emails should go directly to If you have questions about the competition, you may call competition manager Hedda Schupak, (610) 393-1955, or the Centurion office, (516) 377-5909.

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Comments (2):

    I would like more information about your emerging designer contest.  What are the categories?  Such as day wear, night and formal, objects de art,
Can I have someone else manufacture my design?  For example, I have had metal clay lessons, and casting, but I don’t have casting equipment at home to manufacture a fine piece of jewelry.  I have a lot of designs in my head but I would have to have someone else make them to look as good as what I see in the jewelry stores.
    Also I’m not sure what this means.:
3) they have the ability to supply high-end retailers with goods, should they want to purchase the line

By Leecy Madison on Jul 14th, 2017 at 10:39pm

Hi Leecy,

There are no specific categories for the type of jewelry. The competition is designed to identify outstanding designers whose work is suitable for better fine jewelry stores.

Re manufacturing, it’s okay if you as the designer and owner of your company contract out parts of the manufacturing process that you don’t have capability to do in-house.  But you must enter as your own individual company. Designers working for someone else are not allowed to enter as a means of getting their employer into the Show.  Hope this helps!

By Hedda on Jul 25th, 2017 at 6:13pm

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