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Entrepreneurs Prove TikTok Works For Selling Jewelry |  March 26, 2021 (0 comments)


Austin, TX—Although the jewelry industry has embraced social media, most of the industry has not widely used TikTok, the increasingly popular short-form video channel, as a marketing tool. Now two German jewelry tech entrepreneurs are here to vouch that yes, you absolutely can sell jewelry on TikTok!

Jonas Vogedes and Gerrit Kesten, co-founders of jewelry tech company Evermée, launched their unique digital lockets on TikTok and got very positive response—as in 2.1 million views. 

The lockets themselves are a marriage of technology and tradition. The partners, childhood friends and both avid surfers, spent several years traversing the globe in search of the best waves. In the process, both were joined by their respective girlfriends, and both wanted to find jewelry gifts that also would represent the best moments of their travels together.

The young men loved the idea of a locket, but a traditional locket only holds one or two photos. So they set about creating a digital locket—one that looks like a traditional piece of jewelry on the outside, but on the inside has the technology to hold many digital photos. A jeweler in Bali created the outer part—a gold bezel with gemstone inset—while the partners developed the inner workings that allow users to scan the locket with a smartphone and see all the images stored inside. The photos show up on the phone screen, below:

One of their earliest video posts hit 2.1 million views and they immediately realized that yes, it definitely is possible to sell jewelry on TikTok. “Everyone, including TikTok, took notice after that video hit,” said Vogedes. “We had struck a chord that was resonating with a very broad range of TikTok consumers. 

“We got very positive results from the first video vignettes we posted on TikTok, so we said why not?” Kesten added. The rest, as they say, was history. Vogedes says sales exploded after that. Click here or on the image below to watch one of their videos. More videos are available here.

“It’s about connecting emotions and memories to a physical object,” say the partners. Customers may have thousands of photos on their phones, but not ones they or a loved one can wear. Although many kinds of jewelry can be said to be a gift of a memory, these lockets essentially serve as a small but luxurious digital photo frame that can gift hundreds of memories in one.

After their early success, TikTok invited the partners to join the TikTok Creator Marketplace , the official platform for brand creator collaborations. Here Jonas and Gerrit were able to tap into a wide variety of content creators and leverage their audiences to drive e-comm traffic and sales on their site.

The results were impressive. Evermée saw a significant increase in visitors, and today TikTok lists the Evermée story on their business Inspiration page, along with iconic brands like BMW, Yves St. Laurent, Amazon, Netflix and others.

“Jewelry has always been used to cherish memories with loved ones,” Jonas says. “With Evermée we are enhancing this ability through the use of technology. In hundreds of TikTok videos, customers and creators have recorded how this hidden ability turned a little gift into a profoundly touching surprise for their loved one.”

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