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Exploring Jewelry Looks Inspired by Diamonds of ‘Downton Abbey’ August 17, 2022 (0 comments)

Downton Abbey cast

New York, NY--Downton Abbey franchise is known for its onscreen sparkle. And when it returned to the big screen this year, it made a point of sticking with its familiar style of delivering glamor and setting benchmarks.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

The 2019 Downton Abbey film was released three years after the show's final season — which debuted in 2010 — was launched. According to a report by Natural Diamonds, the film raked in nearly $194 million worldwide, making it a top-earning film for Focus Features. 

The undeniable role of diamond jewelry in the show's progress and liking — an awestruck kind, at times — is linked to the portrayal of a lifestyle, which the show's cast — Elizabeth McGovern — says multiple times that it's about the modern world coming to downtown. 

For the jewelry, the Downton Abbey wardrobe team found a partner in Bentley & Skinner, a supplier of antique, period, and bespoke jewelry in London's Mayfair district. 

"It was very easy to work with the costume team from Downton Abbey as they had very clear ideas of what would work for the characters and go with the costumes, "said the company's Senior Specialist, Omar Vaja, in a report. 

"We have a vast stock of vintage items to choose from. In addition to the fictional Crawley Family, members of the Royal Family have been clients of the jewelry store since the latter part of Queen Victoria's reign. Several Bentley & Skinner one-of-a-kind diamond headpieces, earrings, and brooches can be spotted both in the television series and the two films," Vaja added, per the report.

Read more on Downton Abbey's diamonds and the looks inspired by them in this Natural Diamonds report.

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