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FOPE Jewels Shine at the Berlin Film Festival March 07, 2023 (0 comments)


Berlin, Germany--FOPE was a partner of the 2023 Berlin Film Festival, where actors and artists such as Leonie Benesch, Welket Bongué, Olivia Palermo and the executive director of the Berlinale Mariette Rissenbeek wore the brand’s fine jewelry during the evenings.

The prominent festival guests had an opportunity to visit the Fope Lease Suite and choose which FOPE jewels to wear at the evening events. As the pictures below signify, many of the celebrities took advantage of the opportunity to wear FOPE at their Berlinale appearances.

[Mariette Rissenbeek, executive director of the Berlinale, wearing FOPE]


[Mariette Rissenbeek wearing FOPE pictured with Steven Spielberg and Bono Vox.]

[Italian actress Simona Distefano wearing FOPE on the red carpet with the cast of "The Good Mothers", which won the first ever Berlinale series award]

Actress Leonie Benesch wearing FOPE

Carla Simon (right) wearing FOPE with Kristen Stewart

Actress Luise Heyer wearing FOPE

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