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Founder of Bros Manifatture Group, Lanfranco Beleggia, Presented With Highest Honor in Italy’s Marche Region June 29, 2023 (0 comments)


Montegiorgio, Italy--President and Founder of Bros Manifatture Group, Lanfranco Beleggia received the prize “Picus del Ver Sacrum 2022 – Marchigiani dell’Anno” at Sala Capitolare del Senato della Repubblica on June 27th.

The Centro Studi Marche "G. Giunchi" presented the award to Beleggia's because of his commitment to the Marche region of Italy where the company is located. Specifically, he contributed with real estate investments in the region by founding and bringing to international success the brands under the Bros Manifatture Group's portfolio: Pianegonda, Brosway Italia, Rosato, S’Agapò, Bros Cinturini and Dhiva packaging.

[Lanfranco Beleggia]

He also by restored abandoned cultural heritages, like the historical mansions and villas he turned into hospitality facilities in Marche. These include: Villa Lattanzi, Officina del Sole, Palazzo Alaleona and San Paolo Hotel. In addition, Beleggia has contributed to arts, sports and culture in the region.

"I have devoted almost my entire life to my work, and to see my efforts being recognized touched me deeply. I feel it is my duty to share this award with all my collaborators who have given me the opportunity to get this far and to receive this honorable recognition," Beleggia said.

The “Picus del Ver Sacrum 2022 – Marchigiani dell’Anno” is a prestigious award established in 1986 and given to the people of Marche region who have distinguished themselves for professional, scientific, artistic, cultural and social merits over the years.

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