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Fourth Generation of Wesdorp Family to Lead Jewel-Craft Inc. April 13, 2023 (1 comment)


Erlanger, KY--The legacy of one of the industry’s leading jewelry repair and manufacturing facilities continues. Nick, Stefanie, Ross, Jerah, Walker and Karlan, the children of Gary and Benet Wesdorp, will be guiding Jewel-Craft Inc. forward as owners. Gary and Benet, who have helmed the company for more than three decades, will step aside but continue offering their support.

Jewel-Craft, Inc. was founded by Earl Wesdorp in 1947 in his garage attic. In 1950, Earl’s son Bob and his wife Dot joined the copmpany, solidifying the foundation of the business. Their two sons, Gary and Benet, became an integral part of Jewel-Craft, Inc. from an early age. Bob and Dot mentored Gary and Benet throughout their teen and young adult years. During this time, Gary and Benet honed their skills as craftsmen and learned the principles and moral values that would help them grow. The pair eventually joined the family business full-time. In 1985, Bob and Dot passed the torch to Gary and Benet.

The company flourished under their leadership. As owners and managers of Jewel-Craft, Inc. Gary and Benet successfully oversaw the expansion of the company throughout the U.S. With Gary and Benet’s direction, Jewel-Craft Inc. grew to 265 employees, known as the "Pit Crew." Because of these employees, the company has been named RJO Vendor of the Year four times.

“This is a tremendous time for the company and our family,” Gary said. “Jewel-Craft has grown in so many amazing ways and our family has grown along with it. Our success all comes down to a lot of hard work and dedication. We also owe so much to our remarkable Pit Crew and loyal customers.”

Benet added. “It’s incredible to see our children continuing the family legacy. Passing the company on to them, just as it was taken up by us, is an indescribable feeling.”

For Ross Wesdorp, Gary’s son, it’s also a poignant moment. “Jewel-Craft has been a part of my life since birth. Taking on the next step to continue what my father, Uncle, grandparents and great-grandfather built is such an incredible honor. We are very excited for the next steps and cannot put into words how much it means to us.”

To learn more about Jewel-Craft Inc., visit or email today.

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Comments (1):

Great to learn more about the success and growth of a great company over four generations!

By Eric Laker on Apr 15th, 2023 at 4:10pm

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