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From Dorm Room to Boutique and 35 Locations: The Success Story of Airotciv by Victoria March 07, 2023 (0 comments)


Virginia Beach, VA--Victoria DiSilvestro’s brand, Airotciv by Victoria, has become a popular name in the US with its trendy jewelry, clothing, and eyewear. The brand began in 2016 when DiSilvestro, then a freshman at Longwood University, started making and selling necklaces from her dorm room. She continued selling her jewelry until her senior year and expanded her line to include gold necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

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According to a report, DiSilvestro sold her signature pieces at local farmers markets and eventually landed her collection in local stores. Now, her products can be found in 35 retail locations nationwide and online. DiSilvestro found that she needed more space for inventory and employees as her brand grew. She initially searched for an office space to lease but ultimately secured a retail storefront with an office in the back.

The report notes that the European-style boutique opened in October and features porcelain floors, gold hanging clothing racks, detailed ceiling tiles, and a marble countertop. The store sells Victoria’s jewelry line and her other collections, including AV WEAR, a line of everyday basics such as neutral shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, and blazers. She also designed AV EYEWEAR, a line of sunglasses, and stocks a few of her favorite brands of jeans, designer scarves, clutches, and other accessories.

With the success of Airotciv by Victoria, DiSilvestro has achieved her goal of creating a worldwide known brand. Her entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family as her dad owns YNot Italian. She even chose her business name by spelling her name backward, just like her father did for his restaurant.

From selling handmade necklaces in her dorm room to owning a boutique with a range of products, DiSilvestro’s story is one of success and determination. She has created a brand that exudes luxury and elegance, and her customers have taken notice.

Read her story in this report.

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