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FURA Marketing Council, GIA Address Newfound Sapphire Colors At Session On Wednesday in Las Vegas August 23, 2021 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV—To introduce a range of new colors of sapphires discovered at FURA Gems’ Australian sapphire mine, plus the marketing support programs that the new FURA Marketing Council will provide to all levels of the gem and jewelry trade, the Council will be hosting a panel discussion at the AGTA GemFair on Wednesday, August 25 at 10 a.m. in the Brahms room of the Encore Hotel. FURA Marketing Council’s (FMC) from "Rough to Retail" initiative, is a first of its kind, aiming to help anyone who is a part of the colored gemstone industry to grow their business in the upcoming years, also will debut during the session. Image: A parti-color sapphire from FURA Gems' Australian sapphire mine.

Panelists will include Dibya J. Baral, managing director of FURA Australia, Tom Moses, GIA executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer, and FURA Marketing Council president Liz Chatelain. All AGTA and JCK exhibitors and attendees are welcome to attend. Please visit the FMC website for more details.

FURA’s Australian sapphire mine produces seven distinct colors, including blue, teal, green, yellow, black, and bicolor and tricolor Parti sapphires. FURA Gems is working with researchers at GIA to take a deep dive into the new colors. 

“GIA is currently analyzing dozens of colored sapphires, from blue to bi- colored stones with a stated origin of Australia,” explains Moses. “Early indications of the analysis do confirm the sapphires are of a basaltic origin and will provide a broad range of colors for both traditional and designer jewelry. We are currently confirming the origin through further analysis and will be issuing reports when completed. We also plan to provide traceability reports that will match the polished samples back to host rough stone for even more information for the consumer.” 

The FURA Marketing Council will showcase a selection of the unusual sapphires along with samples of FURA Gems’ production of emeralds from Colombia and rubies from Mozambique at AGTA booth #428 and JCK booth #15039. 

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