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Gabriel & Co., Introduces Its 2022 Fashion Book Designed to ‘Ignite Your Spirit’ November 28, 2022 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Award-winning jeweler Gabriel & Co. announced in a news release its Fashion Book for 2022-2023 for the Holidays and throughout the year.

[Image via Gabriel & Co.]

First published in 2015, Gabriel's annual Fashion Book was offered to their retail partners throughout the US as a way to share their new releases and best sellers for the Holiday season and customized to promote their retail stores, setting them apart from any other retailer selling fine jewelry.

"We have been a part of Gabriel's Fashion Book every year and have been delighted with the increase in sales and foot traffic to our store," said Andrea Bragg of Forsythe Jewelers, Hilton Head, SC, in the news release. "The Fashion Book with its customized postcard included within the protective shrink wrapping for mailings to our customers, proved to be highly successful." 

Each Fashion Book has been filled with photographed fine jewelry, features on style, and interviews with iconic fashion designers on how to complement their runway creations.

Per the release, this year, Gabriel & Co.'s theme for this new Fashion Book is "Ignite Your Spirit." The brand cites this to the noteworthy changes endured over the last two years during the pandemic.

"People now want to feel more connected to even the most basic actions of everyday life," explained Hal Rubenstein, Global Style director, in the release. "They don't want to wait for a special occasion to look their best. We now know each day is worthy of attention. Wearing jewelry that not only looks beautiful but feels like a natural expression of your personality, is the smartest way to face the day."

The sections in Gabriel & Co's 2022 Fashion Book include "Look Great at Any Age," "Which Gabriel Woman Are You?" "Men's Fine Jewelry," and "Let them Know You Care – Gifts of Gratitude." It also features photography highlighting the brand's favorite fine jewelry pieces with the clothing styles of two popular and relatable designers, Tommy Hilfiger, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Learn more about the fashion book in the entire release.

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