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Natural Diamond Council Launches New Assure 2.0 Program Online Portal November 28, 2022 (0 comments)

Assure online portal

New York, NY--The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announced in a news release the launch of the new ASSURE 2.0 online portal. The updated portal enables purchasers of Diamond Verification Instruments to browse through the directory, understand the features and analyze the results of the new series of ASSURE testing.

[Image via Natural Diamond Council]

Every Diamond Verification Instrument has unique benefits and choosing which device to purchase can be a daunting task. The ASSURE Program represents the ultimate regime for the testing of Diamond Verification Instruments, providing all the players of the diamond industry with objective data as they consider purchasing or using a specific DVI.

The ASSURE 2.0 portal and its Directory showcase the results of DVI testing on an updated ASSURE Sample of natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and diamond simulants in various sizes. This ASSURE Sample has been carefully curated to reflect goods currently circulating in the market and individual stones that anticipate future trends and pose some of the greatest challenges to Diamond Verification Instruments. The Program also includes diamond-set jewelry testing, with open and closed-back mounted stones included in the testing regimen.

Per the release, an improved filtering system of the ASSURE 2.0 Directory allows buyers of Diamond Verification Instruments to easily review instruments based on their key needs: types of diamonds used, volumes of diamonds processed, size of the device, level of expertise required, etc. In terms of reading the results, the key metrics to analyze are: False Positive Rate (the optimal Diamond False Positive Rate is 0% where no synthetic diamonds - or diamond simulants - are classified as natural diamonds); Diamond referral Rate (the optimal Diamond Referral Rate is 0% where no diamonds are referred for further testing); and Diamond Accuracy (the optimal diamond accuracy is 100% where all diamonds are correctly classified as diamond).

The new portal also provides more details on the ASSURE 2.0 program and general information on how to protect diamond pipeline integrity. Access to previously published test results will be maintained in a separate ASSURE 1.0 directory for reference.

Learn more about ASSURE 2.0 in this report.

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