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GCAL Launches 8X® Fancy Cut Grades May 09, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) has announced the creation and launch of the 8X® Fancy Shape Diamond Cut Grade.  While fancy shape diamonds are typically graded for polish and symmetry only, GCAL has introduced a new standard that focuses on eight critical factors, uniquely analyzing each fancy shape. These include Polish, External Symmetry, Proportions, Optical Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation, Optical Symmetry, and Shape Aesthetics.

At the upcoming JCK Show in Las Vegas, GCAL will introduce the 8X® Oval and the 8X® Princess Diamond Cut Grade, Guaranteed Certificate.  Additional 8X® Fancies will be introduced later this year.  And as with all GCAL and GCAL 8X® certificates, the company stands behind their 8X® Fancy shape certs with a zero tolerance 4C’s, money-backed consumer guarantee.

Angelo Palmieri, COO and partner, addressed the process of how these standards were created.  “GCAL has a vast wealth of analytical images and data from every stone that has passed through our lab, since opening in 2000. These include millions of photomicrographs, direct assessment images of optical brilliance, optical symmetry, scintillation, fire, and measurements.  We are uniquely positioned to build correlation tables between proportions and performance.” Palmieri explained: “For example, for Ovals, we’ve developed datamining software to analyze our images, and built custom applications to calculate bowtie and shoulder bulge.   

“As a result, I believe a diamond certificate has been created that honors the exceptional craftsmanship in fancy shape diamond cutting. And not merely with words, but with analytical and visual analysis that backs up those claims. This is the proof retailers need to demonstrate a diamond’s brilliance, fire, scintillation, and beauty; and it’s the visual, scientific, and accurate proof consumers have been looking for to make a more informed decision.”

Don Palmieri, GCAL founder and president, explained: “GCAL is defining a standard in Fancy shape cut grading.  We are helping to identify and increase appreciation for exceptionally well-cut stones, which has always been one of our primary objectives.”

“We’re thrilled with the acceptance and retail sales of our 8X® Certified Rounds,” continued Don Palmieri.  “And based on the consistent requests we’ve had for 8X® Fancies, we now expect nothing less.  At last, salespeople can demonstrate… and consumers can appreciate… the brilliance and beauty of the best of the best Fancy shape diamonds.”

For more information about GCAL, GCAL 8X®, GCAL 8X® Oval, GCAL 8X® Princess, or to schedule an appointment at the JCK Show, contact Steve Feldman at or 212-869-8985, ext. 119. Or visit

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