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GemFind Releases ‘In Store Personal Shopper- Video Call’ October 13, 2022 (0 comments)


Newport Beach, CA--GemFind Digital Solutions, a technology and digital marketing agency in the jewelry industry, released its newest innovation, “In Store Personal Shopper- Video Call.” GemFind’s new Video Call, in exclusive partnership with Oktium technology. It allows jewelers to provide an in-store shopping experience via video chat with their customer.

"Putting clients’ needs first and providing an engaging customer experience is what GemFind and Oktium have in common. With Oktium, GemFind’s dedicated team will enhance the CX, reduce basket abandonment and increase sales of jewelry. This partnership will change the way those special purchases are made,” said Pavel Skultety, Oktium’s marketing director.

Alex Fetanat, GemFind founder and CEO, says with the jewelry store’s website, they can bring clients the experience of interacting with a sales associate that they could have in store. The video chat system links directly in with products on the website so the experience is personalized. When a customer has made their choice, payment can be finalized on the same phone, same screen in one click.

“We are very excited about adding this new service to our ecosystem as it enables jewelry buyers to feel more confident and comfortable about the products they buy online. Based on case studies, this tool can increase conversions on the websites by over 30%," Fetanat says.

GemFind will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Oktium on Wednesday October 19 to launch the new product for jewelry stores and vendors. 

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Introducing GemFind's Newest Tool "In Store Personal Shopper-Video Call"

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