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GemGenève Announces ‘The Challenging Edition’: November 4-7, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland October 13, 2021 (0 comments)


Geneva, Switzerland--The hosts [organizers] of GemGenève, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, have announced that GemGenève’s 2021 show, will take place at Palexpo from 4 to 7 November, 2021.

This year’s event has been named "The Challenging" and will feature over 120 exhibitors.

To meet various COVID-related challenges, the show, which targets an international clientele, has been reduced in size from its most recent 200 exhibitors in 2019. Faerber and Totah said they are very pleased by the renewed enthusiasm of their exhibitors. They view their even'ts ability to move forward for 2021 as a confirmation that independent and family enterprises are eager to reconnect with the tradition of in-person shows. "They [the exhibitors] are determined to seize the opportunity offered by GemGenève The Challenging Edition to immerse themselves once again at the very heart of the industry over the course of its four days of opening," said the Faerber and Totah, adding that delivering a safe and smooth-running fair is their priority for the 2021 event.

Coming Back

Thomas Faerber said: "From July onwards, following the uncertainties linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ronny Totah and I have been exploring a number of different scenarios, from putting on a mini-event in a Geneva hotel to a more reduced version of the original GemGenève, and we even considered postponing the event."

Ronny Totah added: "The palpable enthusiasm of our exhibitors pushed us to put together this new 2021 edition of the show in record time – given that the final decision to go ahead with the show in its current form was taken on 20 September!"

They added that the small-scale of GemGenève ensures the show can be attentive and responsive to all COVID-related issues.

Exhibitors from 15 Countries

GemGenève 2021 will prominently feature a range of exhibitors from Switzerland, America, Israel, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Thailand, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Japan. They will present offerings ranging from affordable jewellery for everyday wear via rare and exceptional pieces to antique and historic items, contemporary creations and diamonds, as well as a wide selection of precious stones and pearls.

"GemGenève represents the new generation of professional exhibitions. We intend to remain a show on a human scale, with a family feel. A true hub where professionals and jewellery enthusiasts can gather, it has no equivalent right now," said Ronny Totah, co-founder of GemGenève.

About GemGenève
According to the organizers, GemGenève represents a unique hub where jewellery designers, dealers in precious stones, retailers, collectors, connoisseurs and buyers both private and professional can all gather under the same roof. Over the course of four days, GemGenève offers an opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces and to be inspired by a community of specialists in the field of gemmology and jewellery. It is a laboratory of creativity and innovation, bringing together recognised designers and emerging talents; a world of design, of rare gems, of antique and contemporary jewellery. Created by exhibitors for exhibitors, GemGenève offers a platform for expression and exchange that encompasses passion, expertise and education.

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