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GIA Launches Jewelry Report Pilot Program June 26, 2024 (0 comments)


Carlsbad, CA--The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) announced on its website that it has introduced a pilot "jewelry report" service. The service offers detailed insights into the components of submitted jewelry items, such as metal details, gemstone characteristics, and existing engravings. Interested individuals can join the waitlist for the program.

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The GIA Jewelry Report provides a thorough description of the submitted jewelry pieces, including metal verification and assessments of clarity, color, and carat weight for D-to-Z diamonds that lack previous GIA reports. The report will include specific grades and a link to GIA's Report Check for verification for diamonds with existing GIA report numbers. The report also details any existing markings on the jewelry.

Additional services, available for an extra fee, include new engravings and a 360-degree video of the jewelry.

“This service is an extension of GIA’s ongoing commitment to ensure consumer confidence and trust in jewelry,” said Tom Moses, GIA executive vice president and chief laboratory officer, in the announcement.

Each report will also have a unique alphanumeric identification number.

Learn more in this announcement by GIA.

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