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Glam Bar Bazaar — A Lockdown Passion Turned Reality August 15, 2022 (0 comments)

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Winnipeg, Canada--What started as a hobby is now a reality. 

[Image source: glambarbazaar/Instagram]

Tanisha Dhillon started by making flower boxes and crystals when the pandemic hit. It was just a hobby that started during the pandemic, before which she was modeling and acting in India.

The pieces of flower boxes and crystals she made quickly sold online. The response was positive. But with more time spent indoors in her bedroom at her Winnipeg house due to the pandemic, the hobby picked up, and so did business.

"I just remember taking, like, six orders a day, and then I'm like, 'Oh my God, each one takes me like six hours. When am I going to make all of you?'" Dhillon said in an interview.

A move to Etsy was a success, too — enough for her to get noticed by people as far away as Australia. This was when she knew "she was onto something."

A store was set up.

Her store, Glam Bar Bazaar, now wants to offer high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

"Being Indian, we love our jewelry, we love our accessories, we love dressing up," said Dhillon in the interview. "And just for an affordable price range, especially finding pieces like this is a little bit tough in the city."

Read Dhillon's entire story in the original report.

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