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Goshwara Launches Limited Edition Multi-Sapphire Diamond Earrings July 28, 2022 (0 comments)

Goshwara earrings

New York, NY--Fine jewelry house Goshwara has launched limited edition multi sapphire earrings with 18K yellow gold diamonds.

[Image source: Goshwara]

According to Goshwara, the approximate stone weight for sapphire in this piece is 19.77 carats, whereas the diamonds are 0.12 carats.

“I love the idea of being able to create with gemstones; to mix the colors," says Goshwara's designer and president, Sweta Jain, who launched the company in 2005. "When I dress up, I wear jewelry to show how I feel at that moment. My collection reflects that.”

The suggested retail price of the product is $19,900.

Anyone interested in the new Goshwara earrings can contact Goshwara at or visit their website

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