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Hamra Jewelers Adds New $20K Oval Diamond Ring To Catalog November 14, 2022 (1 comment)

Hamra new ring

Scottsdale, AZ--Hamra Jewelers added a new oval-shaped diamond ring to its product catalog.

[Image via Hamra Jewelers]

The 2.02 carats ring is priced at $20,000. According to the item description. the custom fabricated ring features a 1.00-carat oval-shaped brilliant diamond center with 1.02 carats total weight in round brilliant cut accent diamonds set in platinum.

The ring is GIA certified.

Link to the product page.

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Comments (1):

How is this news? They added a product to their catalog and you write an article about it? The integrity of your content is wavering.

In addition to many other things, we do report on announcemernts made by higher-end jewelera.—ED

By John Campbell on Nov 16th, 2022 at 2:20pm

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