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Hamra Jewelers Highlights the ‘Timeless Elegance’ of Emerald Cut Diamonds March 22, 2024 (0 comments)


Scottsdale, AZ--Emerald cut diamonds are prized for their step cuts and rectangular facets, offering a unique blend of elegance and historical depth.

[Image via Hamra Jewelers]

A blog post by Hamra Jewelers notes that this technique was initially developed for emeralds in the 1500s. It was adapted for diamonds and gained popularity in the Art Deco era thanks to its clean lines and symmetry.

The emerald cut's origins date back to efforts to protect brittle emeralds from chipping. Its adaptation of diamonds coincided with the Art Deco movement, which emphasized geometric shapes and crisp designs, making it a favorite for its historical and aesthetic appeal.

Characterized by its rectangular shape and cut corners, the emerald cut typically features 58 facets, though this can vary. Unlike the round cut's brilliance, the emerald cut provides a more subdued elegance with long lines and dramatic light reflections, creating a "hall of mirrors" effect.

The post adds that the quality of the cut is crucial for emerald cut diamonds, affecting symmetry, proportions, and the reflection and refraction of light. A well-cut emerald diamond will have parallel facets that enhance its clarity and brightness.

The emerald cut is suited for those who appreciate vintage charm and elegance. Its step cuts and open table differentiate it from round-cut diamonds, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings and statement jewelry.

See more in this blog post by Hamra Jewelers.

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