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Hearts On Fire Launches the Aerial Collection June 06, 2022 (0 comments)

Hearts on Fire

Boston, MA--Hearts On Fire, known for its signature cut diamonds, announced on Monday the global launch of its new Aerial Collection.

The collection is inspired by the beauty and power of Mother Earth, the company said in a statement. “Like the natural elements of sun, water and seeds, the latest designs are in sync with nature - wild, yet gentle; spectacular yet subtle; fierce yet delicate. Diamond jewels mimic the shape of nature, bringing the natural world’s myriad forms to life with its signature sparkle.”

Aerial Dewdrop Line Bracelet by Hearts on Fire

he 39-piece collection includes ear cuffs, studs and climbers which unfurl and wrap across the ears like ferns and other foliage while diamond dew drops decorate necklaces and earrings. Glittering bracelets flex and curve around the wrist and are embellished with diamond “seed” motifs. The sun is captured in a series of statement pieces featuring a vibrant sunburst design.

This includes the Sunburst Wrap Earrings which circle the earlobes in marquise and pear shape diamonds that capture the sun’s brilliance. This chic and understated Dewdrop Bangle features illusion set diamond studded “seed” motifs that trace the skin.

The new Aerial Collection is available globally at select retailers, boutiques and on the Hearts on Fire website.

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