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Helzberg Diamonds Taps NFL Star To Promote Lab-Grown Diamonds July 26, 2021 (0 comments)


Kansas City, MO—Helzberg Diamonds on Monday announced the launch of a new effort to promote lab-grown diamonds, and has tapped Travis Kelce (image), the all-pro tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs to be a lead spokesman for the category.

Positioning the stones as “the fifth C, choice,” Kelce will help one groom-to-be navigate the choices he needs to prepare for the ultimate play and propose in style.

press release from the retailer positions the lab-grown stones as an affordable choice. “Lab grown diamonds are real and unique diamonds that provide consumers with more choices and more sparkle for their spend. The Helzberg diamond experts are ready to help guide diamond ring shoppers through all five Cs to find the right ring for their recipient,” says the statement.

“Having more options is so important when shopping for the perfect ring. The ring is a symbol of the love the couple shares and is something truly meaningful that she’ll cherish for a lifetime,” said Wendy Gibbone, Helzberg diamond expert, in the document. “Lab grown diamonds offer more choices. They’re one of a kind, just like natural diamonds are. It’s nearly impossible to tell them apart, and the only difference is their origin. Both are graded for quality according to the four Cs, but lab grown diamonds cost less than their natural counterparts of similar carat weight and quality, allowing you to get a larger diamond at an incredible price.”

“Style is a big part of who I am and how I express myself,” said Kelce. “I am excited to learn alongside a fan about the new choices for real diamonds and help him out with his perfect proposal plan.”

The retailer will use social media in August for fans to watch Kelce help the prospective groom propose.

Helzberg isn't the only jeweler focusing on the budgetary appeal of lab-grown diamonds. French luxury jeweler Jean Dousset, a member of the Cartier family (but not involved with the Richemont-owned brand) is offering a line of lab-grown diamond jewelry that will allow him to offer customers options at two very distinct price points. (Thus far, Cartier has said no to lab-grown stones, reports Forbes.)

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