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Here’s How Providence Diamond Ensures Meticulous Craftsmanship in Rolex Maintenance October 31, 2023 (0 comments)


Cranston, RI--Providence Jeweler, a certified retailer with an in-house Rolex Service Centre, recently took to Facebook to talk about the extensive care and expertise involved in maintaining Rolex watches.

[Image via Providence Diamonds/Facebook]

The jeweler wrote in the post that their watchmakers are trained to the highest standards, ensuring that each Rolex service adheres to the brand's strict criteria for excellence.

The post added that the service includes a full disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning of the watch, with any non-conforming parts being replaced.

The movement is finely lubricated, and the watch’s timing accuracy is rigorously tested. Furthermore, the case and bracelet receive professional refinishing, restoring their original shine.

Concluding the servicing process, the post explained that Rolex undergoes a battery of technical tests to verify its waterproofness, power reserve, and precision, affirming the high standards of Providence Diamond’s Service Centre.

The company's Facebook update assures clients that every serviced Rolex is backed by a guarantee, reflecting their commitment to upholding the luxury and precision of these timepieces.

Check out the update here,

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