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Springer’s Jewelers Shows Support for Lewiston Victims’ Families with Charitable Fundraiser October 31, 2023 (0 comments)


Lewiston, ME--In a show of solidarity and community support, Springer's Jewelers has taken to Facebook to promote the Lewiston, Maine Mass Shooting Victims' Fund, a fundraising effort designed to provide direct financial assistance to those affected by the tragic mass shooting in Lewiston on October 25, 2023.

[Image via Victims First/GoFundMe]

The fund, organized by VictimsFirst, a group composed of families from over two decades of previous mass shootings, has successfully raised $113,952 towards a $125,000 target, sourced from over 2,100 donations.

VictimsFirst, with a staunch commitment to transparency and integrity, ensures that 100% of donations received go directly to the victims' families and survivors, a promise they have fulfilled repeatedly in the wake of similar tragedies across the nation. 

For those looking to contribute, details of the donation process are available on the VictimsFirst website and through the information provided by Springer's Jewelers' outreach efforts.

Learn more on the fundraiser page

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