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Here’s Why a Night of December 1976 Is Special for Elvis Presley’s Jeweler July 20, 2022 (0 comments)

Elvis and diamonds

Las Vegas, NV--The "King of Rock and Roll" was known for his glittering lifestyle, costume, and jewelry. Elvis' diamonds, like him, were iconic too. And who'd know more about those diamonds than people close to him?

[Main image: Pixabay Commons]

An article in Natural Diamonds Council's website talks about Elvis' diamonds through the eyes of his jeweler, Mordechai Yerushalmi, the owner of The Jewelers Inc.

Per the report, Elvis was known to have purchased several diamond rings over the years, and he'd be generous enough to give some away by taking them out of his fingers; many called him king of rock and roll, after all. Diamond pieces attributed to Elvis have also come up in auctions in the past few decades.

Mordechai would often bring Elbvis jewelry collections to choose from for his shows. But his most memorable moment is from a night in December 1976 — Elvis' last ever Vegas trip. Per the report, he recalls Elvis calling him in the middle of the night to bring a selection of diamond rings to his suite at the Las Vegas Hilton. 

The jeweler, who cherished his friendship with Elvis, still has a note of the purchase.

[Image source: Natural Diamonds Council]

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