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Illinois Jeweler Guides Couples Through Engagement Ring Trends January 04, 2024 (0 comments)


Herrin, IL--In anticipation of a surge in engagements in 2024, Don Asbury, owner of Asbury Custom Jewelry & Repair, shared his expertise on choosing the right diamond engagement ring. With over 50 years in the jewelry business, Asbury said in a conversation with The Southern Illinoisan that he has observed a significant uptick in engagement ring inquiries, noting a growing interest in alternative stones and diamonds.

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Asbury highlights in the report the importance of understanding the distinctions between hand-made and lab-made diamonds and the difference in purchasing from an independent jeweler versus larger retailers. He points out the increasing prominence of lab-grown diamonds, mainly due to their more affordable pricing. A lab-made three-carat diamond, for example, could be priced around $10,000, compared to $85,000 for its natural counterpart.

Despite the indistinguishable appearance, Asbury cautions buyers about lab-grown diamonds. He notes potential issues in the assembly of small stones and intricate designs.

Asbury explains in the report, “All you have to do is polish it and it’s ready to go,” referring to the simpler process of preparing lab-made diamonds. However, he warns that these diamonds can sometimes fall out of their settings after a few years, and not all designs can be repaired.

Asbury also emphasizes purchasing from knowledgeable and honest jewelers instead of sales-oriented staff. He recounts an instance of a retail store manager who, despite limited knowledge, maintained honesty in his dealings. According to Asbury, local, independent jewelers are often a more reliable choice for ensuring quality and integrity in the purchase.

Read the original report in The Southern Illinoisan.

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