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Holiday Weekend Burglary Warning! Jewelers Must Respond To All Alarm Signals, Says JSA May 27, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Over the years, the Jewelers Security Alliance has seen that long holiday weekends are a favorite time for burglars to strike. It has been common for these gangs to cut power lines and disable alarms so they have time to penetrate safes.

Over the last few months, burglary gangs have been unusually active attacking jewelry stores throughout the United States. Below bottom is a chart listing burglaries and attempted burglaries from the past month, some of which resulted in hundreds of thousands in losses.

JSA makes the following recommendations to all jewelers in advance of the holiday weekend, but also for all times the store is closed.

1. Jewelers must respond to all alarm signals and power interruptions at their store. Such signals cannot be ignored at the risk of a major loss. Jewelers should only enter the premises accompanied by police. Possible entry by the burglars from all sides and the roof must be checked. 

2. Make sure that your call list with the alarm company has personnel who will absolutely be able to respond even on the holiday weekend.

3. Empty stores next to jewelry stores present a greatly increased risk. Burglars will use the empty store to break through a common wall to the jewelry store.

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